Friday, January 30, 2009

Is ikea fun?

Altho i was sick yesterday,a promise is a promise. I promised irene that i would go curve with her. She was first reluctant in taking me there but i keep on persisting that i want. Therefore,we continue the plan as long as i bring my meds. We bought tickets for Inkheart at 1:25 p.m. hence we have a couple or so of hours to go for brunch at Ikea craving for their oh so good meatballs that are unbelievably affordable. I didn't quite enjoy the meatballs because i was sick and my sense of taste were different. After eating,we head for our movie which lasts for 2 hours. I must say that the movie weren't that bad. Brendan Fraser was unpredictably good. But i like the mother in the movie better. After the movie,we camho'd and got back to our respective houses.

Still manage to strike a pose (:

Her signature pose.

Cineleisure's neoprint sucks loads

Our passion for Winter Warmer's

5 Bucks store

What's your partner's size?

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