Sunday, January 18, 2009

Impossible is nothing.

Wed night.

Irn's birthday at Tgif with shobs,jow,vince,the 16 year old and me. It was an enjoyable and a night to remember. She had to stand on the chair when the staffs sang for her,the food were great (all four of them ate the same meal whereas for me,i'm the odd one),fun rushing here and there buying crocs and fila and then it was an obvious sight of jow flirting with shobs that night. Boy oh boy.

While waiting for the ride,we cam-ho! ;D

My odd food,chicken caesar salad.

Jow with his pervert look.

Ze old lady. (: (dont murder me,irn)

She loves piggy-back rides. I attempted to do so,but failed.

And then it was thursday.

Went to irn's house after school without my mother's knowledge. Wanted to find Old Navy clothes from the internet when my mum called and asked for my Passport number which i have to find at home. Panic strikes and i rush out from her house like dc's comic the flash. When i return to irn's, her bro was at home therefore we cant use the comp and we go on to cam-ho! (:

The greys.

Jump failure #1

Jump failure #2

Hooray to us,we jump!






And today,got school. On a Saturday. Boring nyiaaaa

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