Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First day.

First day of cny. It was kind of boring at first, cause we were just visiting relatives from all over selangor. We stopped at kepong before my dad saved me and my brother to mont. kiara to visit my dad's side of family. I love it there much more than my mom's because there are plenty things to over there that we dont even know what to do. Spent almost the whole day there and back to absolute boredom at home. As predicted,cny this year ain't that fun because on the 2nd day of cny,almost my whole mum's side of family gonna go to Genting. Shits.

Oh,i cam-whore a lot in mommy's car.

In my aunt's house also.

Car's reflection also i want.

The mini golf park.

No,i was just looking at something. Not talking

Ain't i sad enough for you?

#!@?^% wind


Oh had baskin robbins at mont kiara too. (:

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